We recommend shopping for your wedding dress soon after you choose your wedding date and venue. Most gowns take between four to six months to arrive from the date you order the dress, so to give yourself a stress-free experience and to avoid rush fees, it's great to start shopping between nine months and a year before your wedding. If you have less than six months before your big day, we still have lots of options that can be ready in time for your wedding. Rush fees and availability depend on the designer. We also have a frequently-changing selection of sample gowns that can be purchased off the rack, which are great for very short time-frame brides!

At Gracyn Elizabeth Bride, we offer an incredible and high-quality selection of bridal gowns, priced from $800 to $3,000. When you come in for your appointment, your bridal stylist will help you choose wedding gowns in a price range that you're comfortable with. We never push you to spend more than you want, and we treat every bride with the same service regardless of how much she wants to spend. 

Appointments are not required but are recommended for larger parties. Gracyn Elizabeth prides ourselves on the best customer service, so we will never turn anyone away who is ready to select their dream wedding gown. We recommend bringing 1-3 family members or friends whose opinions you value most. Wedding dress shopping is SO fun, but it can get overwhelming and stressful when a bride is considering the opinions of many people. After all, it's your wedding dress - and it's your feelings and preferences that are most important! We believe that every bride wants and deserves a wonderful wedding dress shopping experience. To ensure the best experience possible for each and every bride, we kindly ask that large groups over 5 guests, and unsupervised children, do not accompany you to the shop. Of course we realize there can be special circumstances - please contact us, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Feel free to bring pictures of gowns that inspire you. Source them from magazines, Pinterest, vision boards…anything you’d like! If you don't already have a vision of what you like, no worries - we'll help you figure out what you love! Strapless bras usually work best when trying on dresses, but no problem if you don't have one. We encourage you to eat before or after your visit with us as we do not allow food and beverages in the shop with the exception of water, white wine or champagne. We are lucky enough to be surrounded by several local restaurants, we are happy to recommend our favorites, if requested!

Appointments times vary depending on bride. We usually try to block off at least 90 minutes per appointment or walk-in. That is usually the ideal amount of time to try on several gowns, narrow down your selection, and choose your wedding dress without feeling rushed. Of course, if you feel you need more time, we're always happy to remain with you or schedule a return visit!

We don't believe in "one size fits all." The gowns at Gracyn Elizabeth are in a wide variety of sizes, from 4 to 32. We strongly believe that every bride should feel comfortable and have many beautiful options to try on when she's shopping for her wedding dress. Sample gowns (i.e. what you try on in-store) will rarely be a perfect fit, but thankfully our bridal stylists are experts at giving you a great idea of how the gown will fit when it's made in your own size.

The vast majority of wedding gowns need at least some alterations to ensure the ideal fit. You will be so happy to have your wedding dress fit flawlessly! The alterations that are needed will vary from bride to bride and from gown to gown, and alterations costs are not included in the price of your wedding gown. We have alterations specialists that work exclusively with our Gracyn Elizabeth Brides in the weeks and months leading up to your wedding to make sure you are completely happy with the fit of your dress. Learn more about alterations here.

It is important to bring your wedding shoes to your first fitting so your seamstress can determine the changes needed to hem your gown.

If you have an idea of which undergarments you will be wearing on your wedding day, please bring those with you to your first fitting. If you need help figuring out which undergarments will work best with your gown, the seamstress can give you advice about that.

If you have any heirloom jewelry or keepsake items that you know you will be wearing for your wedding, please bring those items with you. Our seamstresses and bridal stylists can help you incorporate these special items into your wedding day look, for example by stitching a small piece of fabric from your mother's wedding dress into the lining of your gown for your "something old", or sewing a piece of ribbon into your hem for your "something blue"!

During your first fitting you get to see and try on your own wedding dress! It's super exciting! The alteration specialist will see how everything fits and give you an idea of which alterations will be needed. She will pin the dress while you're wearing it and talk through all the next steps with you. During your first fitting, you will also have the opportunity to try on veils, hair accessories, shoes, and jewelry to choose accessories that complement your gown and so you can see how everything will look together.

We have contact information we can provide you with to other reliable seamstress'.

Trunk shows are events that we frequently host on weekends where we highlight a particular designer's collection. Trunk shows are a great opportunity to see and try on much more of a designer’s collection than what we normally have in the shop. Special gifts and discounts are often offered during trunk shows. Plus, the designers and their expert stylists often attend trunk shows, which makes for an unforgettable experience as you find your wedding dress!

Semi-Annual Sale gowns are sold as is, off the rack, and are a wonderful option for brides who don’t have 4-5 months for a new dress to be made, and/or for brides who love the opportunity to wear a designer gown at a fraction of the original price. In addition to the special Semi-Annual Sale events that we hold 2 times per year, we also have other seasonal sales as well.