What Should You Expect of the Dresses

What Should You Expect of the Dresses

Going in to your bridal appointment, there are many thoughts you may have racing through your head. “Will anything fit?”, “Is my budget high enough?”, “Will I even like anything?” All of these scenarios are normal to think about before finding the dress.


As you pick out gowns to try on, your stylist will more than likely recommend a few based on what you are picking out. Once you have picked out a good selection, the process of finding your dress will begin. In most cases, the stylist will offer their assistance or recommend asking one of your guests so that way you feel more comfortable in the fitting room. Putting on the first dress is a very exciting moment during the appointment, but because of all of those thoughts going through your head it can be intimidating.


Remember these few details when it comes to trying on wedding gowns:


The Sizing of Wedding Gowns is Completely Different Than Normal Clothing.

Wedding gowns are designed at the couture level & are made with the best quality fabrics to ensure you feel supported during your wedding day. This type of structure does make the dress fit smaller than regular clothing. With that, bridal gown sizing can run two to four sizes smaller than your typical clothing size. So don’t let this minor detail get in your head too much when trying on dresses.


Don’t Worry About the Stylist Having to Clip the Gown to Make it Fit.

Because these dresses are floor samples, many times they will have to be clipped to create a better fit on your body. These clips are just to show you how the dress could fit when altered or ordered in your size. Most dresses will need alterations like shortening the hem, tightening the straps and taking in the waist, hips or chest.


Be Mindful of Your Budget.

Being in a boutique full of expensive gowns can be intimidating, however most shops have alternative styles to more expensive ones. Knowing how far you can expand your budget is an important conversation to have with yourself. Also, many shops have a layaway program that is helpful. If it has not been brought up to you, ask your stylist.


Your wedding gown should be nothing short of everything you want! Picking out a dress can be a a difficult task, but once you find the one, it is all worth it. Knowing these details about how a dress is made, how it can fit and that it can fit even better does help to narrowing your selections down. Have fun at your bridal appointment, and remember the goal and why you are there. Go into your appointment confident because your dress is the one thing that completely captures your personality!