The First Bridal Appointment

The First Bridal Appointment

The First Bridal Appointment. Mobile Image

The day of your bridal appointment is a day to celebrate the fact that you truly have found the love of your life, & envision how you want to look on your wedding day. With such high expectations for this appointment, it’s easy to let emotions of yourself & others dictate your decision. However, keep your goal in mind- finding your wedding dress!


During your appointment, your stylist will ask you to describe your wedding theme and figure out what “kind” of wedding dress you expect to wear. This is a perfect time to show photos of color schemes, specific dresses you have seen on the internet or even simply say, “I’m not sure.” There is no wrong answer to the question. From this point you have free reign on the boutique. You get to look through the racks of dresses, ask to pull the ones you like & try them all on!


Once you put on your very first bridal gown, a few things start to happen. One, you feel so overwhelmed because it is REALLY happening. Two, you discover what you thought may not actually be what you want. Three, you are completely overjoyed with the fact you are marrying the love of your life! This moment in the appointment sets a tone for the rest of the dresses you try on. Trying on dress after dress, you begin to learn about yourself and the vision you have for the best day of your life. While you might be saying, “no” to some dresses, you are also being open to saying “yes” to the one! At Gracyn Elizabeth Bride we like to relate this experience to finding your fiancé. There were many break-ups, and lots of emotions to finding him, so it is okay to say “no” to be able to find the one! Choosing a dress to walk down the aisle in is a huge decision to make, but the feeling you have in THE dress is so overpowering that you will undoubtedly know it is your dress!


Saying “yes” to the dress means that you have not only marked a huge “to-do” off your list, but also chosen the dress you will become a Mrs. in. After saying “yes”, you will get to celebrate the moment, and soak it all in. The stylist will figure out the shipping timeline for the dress and also measure you to ensure the best fit. This feeling will be one you never forget and will always look back on.


You’ve said “no”, “maybe'“ and even become torn between a few, but at the end of the appointment you have learned a lot about yourself as a bride. Saying “yes” to the dress is a big step & one of the most memorable times during your wedding planning journey, so take in the moment and ensure your dress is everything you want and more.