After the Proposal

After the Proposal

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The moment you have dreamt of for so many years has finally happened.. So what does that mean? First, soak it all in! The ring, the moment, your emotions- they all matter. From the moment you say “yes” to the day you both say “I Do”, there is so much that happens in between!


For most brides, the dress comes first. The venue, florals, and photographer are all important components that spiral through a bride-to-be’s head, but the dress is the one piece that every girl has dreamt of since they were little.


Booking a bridal appointment can be three things: intimidating, emotional & of course, exciting! You want to make sure to allow yourself plenty of time to search for your wedding dress! It’s never too early to start looking, but keeping a timeline of about six to eight months works best. So, when is it a good time to make an appointment? Ten months out is a good place to start looking for your dress. This will allow you enough time to not be in a rush, but also plenty of time for the dress to come in and be altered.


To prepare for an appointment, think of the things & people that matter the most to you. Most bridal boutiques allow you to bring 3-5 guests. In addition to the people that you would want there for the appointment, there are a few other things to keep in mind:

First, we recommend bringing undergarments such as shape wear to help ensure you feel confident and secure in your body. Second, shoes are a great idea to capture how you would feel in the whole ensemble. Third, doing your hair and makeup in a way that is similar to how you would want it on your wedding day can really complete the look! And last but not least, arrive to your appointment with an open mind to all dress styles and details such as lace, beading, & simple satins.

Many times in an appointment, a bride comes in with a concrete idea of what she wants her dress to be, & then walks out with something completely different! Wedding gown shopping can be an emotional journey, whether you find the dress of your dreams or not. Everything throughout this whole experience is so memorable and full of love! Keep your head up! It can be stressful (and that is normal), but it will also be one of the most memorable events in your wedding planning!